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Der Verein für Menschen mit Marfan-Syndrom oder ähnlichen Erkrankungen. Das Marfan-Syndrom ist eine Bindegewebserkrankung mit genetischer Ursache. Sie kann vererbt werden oder auch spontan entstehen.

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MEN (Marfan Europe Network) informiert:

Hello everybody,

You can now register for the Marfan Patient Day that will be held on Sunday May 6th in Amsterdam by going to 

The event is ENTIRELY FREE, so please share as much as possible with the members of your association that might be interested in the event! The program will consist of lectures in the morning (on cardiac issues, physical activity and so on) followed on an afternoon with 2 sets of workshops on various subject such as genetics, pregancy, eye problems, quality of life, pain medication and growing old with Marfan. (Detailed program in the invitation link above). All these medical presentations and worshops will be held by internationally known Marfan Specialists, and the breakfast, breaks, lunch and desert party will make it possible to have conversations with them directly.

Please share this information with everybody that might be interested, to make of this day, a very enjoyable and learning-rich day! Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Best Regards,